Returning to the U.S.

Over the past decade JATCO has had an incredible amount of success gaining customers whose manufacturing operations were based overseas. While production and manufacturing was very cheap for many U.S. based firms, in the long run there were numerous issues that ended up costing and hurting these companies.

The initial appeal of using highly affordable foreign labor was like a heatwave for U.S. based businesses. Offering products to customers at a lower price while saving a ton on manufacturing costs seemed to be a win-win situation. At first this new model seemed like the right path. Yet slowly companies started to come back, and JATCO was their key point of U.S. based manufacturing re-entry.

So What Happened…

As overseas plants gained massive demand, their production costs went up and at the same time their product quality and manufacturing efficiency levels went down. Costly mistakes started to occur throughout a products cycle. Manufacturing errors weren’t caught until large-volume shipments arrived in their designated market and flaws were noticed, often by the consumer. At other times products were damaged, went missing or simply went completely stolen. Problems arose with communication barriers, storage and safety, shipping on time and so forth. Ultimately the money that was saved in overseas plastic-injection manufacturing ended up being put back into the necessary operations to correct critical issues.  It stopped being worth it.

Companies started to shop around in North America and time after time they kept returning to us, JATCO. So what makes JATCO the right manufacturing partner? The answer is very simple. We take a stake in your vision, become your strategic partner and do everything we can to make sure that YOU are successful. In our business model it is abundantly clear that when you are successful you will come back to us. This is the model we stuck to over the past several decades and it has worked wonders.  We take interest in YOUR business and try to offer a variety of solutions so that you can offer a great product at a great price.  When asked, we get involved more with your team, we put in the time, and year after year you keep coming back.  We believe in Synergy, the 1+1=3 model. Simple. Beautiful. Tried and True!

Our goal is to handle everything you are not comfortable with so that you can focus on your strengths while we focus on your products final design, production, painting and packaging, storage, and timely market delivery.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you out.

If you are currently planning to manufacture  your products overseas, we’d recommend reading this 2016 article from The Economist documenting the current state of the global shipping industry.  Shipping companies are either folding up or operating in the red.  Can you afford to have your product stranded?