Plastic Injection Molding Services

We are near international seaport and a large rail station where we can produce, package, and ship your products anywhere.

JATCO, Inc.,

From Custom Plastic Molding to Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution…

Jatco offers a comprehensive list of services that can be added into your production planning at any given moment.  Our services include product design, engineering, tooling, molding, die casting, metal stamping, assembly, painting, packaging, warehousing, distribution and more.  Our team serves as both production specialists and business planning specialists.  Contact us early and we can help you establish an optimal plan for production and distribution of your products.



 Unlocking the Potential of Plastic Injection Molding with JATCO

Plastic injection molding is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing, offering unparalleled versatility, efficiency, and quality in the production of plastic parts. JATCO, Incorporated, a leading name in the field, provides a comprehensive suite of services that span from initial design to packaging and distribution. With almost fifty years of experience and a focus on low-cost injection molding and high-quality production, JATCO ensures that your project is handled with expertise and precision at every step.



Design and engineering – Experienced in-house engineers and industrial design, tooling and mechanical engineering specialists can develop virtually any new product.

Tooling – Jatco provides in-house tooling to support mold construction, mold maintenance and mold modifications. A fully equipped tooling facility has everything needed, including CNC machining centers, CNC EDM, automated grinding equipment and a full array of standard mold-making machinery.

Molding – Over 70 presses, from 28 to 1000 tons, and multi-component capability. All presses equipped with robotics, most with 3 axis servo robot capability to handle the most complex molding operations. Automated material handling, central drying and electronic monitoring.

Manufacturing – Jatco offers full, turn-key service, supported by a professional secondary operations department for assembly and decoration. We pride ourselves on our ability to “do it all,” including mechanical assembly, electric assembly, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, silk screening, packaging, hot stamping, warehousing and distribution.

Warehousing and distribution – With more than 210,000 square feet of indoor storage capacity, 10 dock doors and a dedicated staff to assist in shipping, Jatco moves your product via UPS, Fed Ex, truckload, LTL, air freight and ocean container to any location worldwide, when you need it.

Quality control – With services from incoming inspection to final dock audits, Jatco can customize a quality plan to suit the most detailed performance requirement.

Small Sample of custom injection molding clients include SanDisk, Tesla, Life Technologies, SCA, SONY, VELUX, Axygen and many more companies.

So, How Do You Start Your Plastic Manufacturing Project…

The easiest way is to call us at 209-497-4297 and tell us exactly what you need manufactured, when you need it by and let us see how we can earn your business!  We will go over the different production options, explain anything you’re not certain about so that you have a better understanding how some things fit into the production process and answer any other questions you may have.

This is a zero pressure phone conversation so give us a ring at 209-497-4297.

Creating variety of plastic injection molding products for variety of industries.
JATCO has the ability to create just about ANY injection mold products for just about any industry. Call today to learn more.

ANAB Accredited Plastic Manufacturer

We are one of the few ANAB accredited (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) plastic manufacturers.

How can I get an instant quote for my injection molding project?

JATCO Incorporated, offers fast injection mold quotes. Contact us with your project details, and our team will provide you with a detailed estimate, tailored to your specific needs.  If you’re looking for instant prices on test cylinders then you may find them here.

What makes JATCO different from other plastic injection molding companies?

JATCO stands out for its comprehensive range of services, from design to distribution, its advanced manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machined plastic and specialized hydraulic machines, and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  With almost fifty years of experience our company knows how to manufacture highest quality plastics so that customers continue working with us!