Quality Injection Molding

Photo of our clean room facility where some of the most tricky injection moulding takes place.

JATCO Inc., Quality Injection Molding

Count on us for full quality services, from incoming inspection to final dock audits. Jatco can customize any quality plan to suit the most detailed performance requirement. All projects are managed through our extensive Advanced Production Quality Planning process and follow ISO9001 and QS9000 principles. We strictly adhered to systematic procedures for new product development and production implementation. Jatco offers a wide range of quality services that include:
  • SPC
  • Melt flow analysis
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Performance and/or destruct tests
  • Any customized quality checks required to ensure end product excellence
Our flexibility and commitment to absolute customer satisfaction ultimately drive our quality programs. Jatco consistently beats industry-standard quality control benchmarks for decorating and injection molders by more than a factor of three.

We Offer a Variety of Quality Analysis to Give You Superior Injection Molded Parts