Warehousing Plastic Products

Our warehouse facility in California and our trucks are ready to ship out your plastic parts and products to anywhere in the world.

JATCO, Inc., Warehousing

Simplify your storage and distribution operations so you can focus on your strengths.  With two large locations within the United States (Modesto, CA west coast facility, and our Jatco Greenwood, SC east coast plastic molding facility), and a fleet of ready transport trucks we may be able to help your company with warehousing and transportation issues. 

There’s no need to maintain separate facilities or hire multiple vendors for manufacturing, storage and distribution. Depending on our current capacity levels, we  may be able to help you streamline your processes with integrated inventory management.  Please call our Director of Sales Steven Ames at 209-497-4290 to find out more how we may be able to help you out with warehousing and truck transport.

Jatco, Inc. is one of the very few molders in the Northwest U.S. who is offering direct bulk rail service in to our facility. In addition to this capability, Jatco also has over 250,000 pounds of silo capacity, handling a multitude of different resins.