Clean Room Injection Molding

Photo of our clean room facility where some of the most tricky injection moulding takes place.

JATCO provides Clean Room Plastic Injection Molding Services

Jatco provides the option of clean room injection molding in a clean environment (Class 100K). Our clean environment employs the latest molding technology by using electric presses. We offer a vast array of different sized presses (26T-1000T), and redundancy in each size range.

Do You Need a Clean Room Plastic Injection Molding?

Understanding the application of your product will help us decide whether you need to have it produced in a clean room environment.  Clean room production allows us to keep particle pollutants such as dust, vapors, and microbes away from your product.  This is often a must-have when working on pharmaceutical products, creating scientific molding, or doing any medical injection molding.  Once we have a better understanding of how your product will be used, we will come up with the most optimal plan for its production. We can also help you with other production needs such as assembly, packaging, storage and distribution.  We are a one stop shop that will help you handle all the little steps needed to get your products into the market.  Contact us today and let us know how we can be of help.  We offer both clean room production as well as full project evaluation to help you save time and money.
Creating variety of plastic injection molding products for variety of industries.
With a large variety of machines we have the ability to manufacture any product, including those that require clean room injection molding production. Call today to learn more.