International Services

In the past decade, Jatco has experienced a tremendous growth with international customers who are using our firm to produce, prepare and ship their items.  We have dedicated specialists whose core focus is to figure out all the necessary logistics that come with international firms who are in need of an experienced plastic injection molding partner.  We can help you by assessing the most optimal ways of producing and delivering your products both here in North America as well as overseas. With two offices located on both the east and west coasts, we can tackle production and delivery to just about anywhere your product has to go to.

If you are currently planning to manufacture  your products overseas, we’d recommend reading this 2016 article from The Economist documenting the current state of the global shipping industry.  Shipping companies are either folding up or operating in the red.  Can you afford to have your product stranded?

We also invite you to watch this brief video to find out why International companies are switching to using Jatco for their manufacturing needs.

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