Plastic Injection Molding

Any custom plastic molding can be made within our facility. Here are plastic pellets used in a press to create a product.

JATCO, Inc.,
Plastic Injection Molding

Jatco experience and state-of-the-art equipment produce the finest products efficiently and economically. We bring a problem-solving mindset and love to find creative solutions to your manufacturing challenge.  Our injection molding consultants are here to help you with everything you need including design, production, packaging, product storage and distribution.  Call us today at 209-497-4297 and let’s chat about your project. Over 80 presses, from 28 to 1500 tons, all equipped with robotics (most with 3-axis servo robot capability), handle operations from small to large, including complex, multi-component products. We routinely handle molds weighing up to 20,000 pounds. Jatco technology advantages ensure consistent, reliable product:
  • Automated material handling system delivers uninterrupted raw materials to all presses.
  • Large capacity cooling systems support optimum cycling capabilities.
  • Central drying capacity delivers resin with optimal properties.
  • All presses monitored electronically to provide up-to-the-minute information on every job.

Call our Director of Sales Steven Ames and get your quote today 209-497-4290

At Jatco we routinely handle molds weighing up to 20,000 pounds.

Technology drives all that we do at Jatco. All of our presses are equipped with robotics, most with 3 axis servo robot capability to handle the most complex molding operations.

“Designed for Manufacturability”… What is it and why is it so important?

Our engineers focus heavily on “design for manufacturability”.  This is the process of developing production techniques and overall production architecture so that large runs can be done economically with high quality, and are easy to revisit when there is a need to produce additional runs in the future.  We focus extensively on a production flow that will manufacture your product(s) at a very good cost, high quality, and are always ready for second runs.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

Work with ANAB Certified Plastics Production Expert

We are one of very few plastic production companies with ANAB certification  (ANAB stands for ANSI National Accreditation Board). This certification assures our customers that they will be working with highly competent team that fully understands production, quality measurements, and can meet all other requirements for your product(s).  In order to get ANAB certified our team has gone through extensive training, practice and documentation.  We are one of the few injection molding companies that bring this to table.
Photo showing variety of products we made with plastic injection molding
JATCO has the ability to create just about ANY injection mold products for just about any industry. Call today to learn more.