10,000+ Manufacturers

We can’t deny that with about 10,000+ plastic injection molding firms around, we are quite similar to the others.  Yet companies keep coming back to us,  and staying with us, and this has been happening for over Four Decades now.

Here is the lowdown.  We are not unique when it comes to producing a plastic-injection product.  As a matter of fact, you will find MANY companies out there who can bring you the same product results with almost the same large-volume unit quality that Jatco can.  So why do companies choose us?  Why do firms with years of experience keep coming back to us, for over FORTY years?

Your business + our business = Synergy

We are a rare breed of that one stop shop.  From the time you talk to us for the very first time and still aren’t sure how you will handle all of this, to the time you are ready for global distribution, we get involved.  On some occasions we get involved heavily, and the results are fantastic.  Jatco Inc. employees a team of consultants / engineers who who go through every single phase of your products life cycle and make sure that its done right, accurately, efficiently, and with minimal issues.  We are good at this stuff, very good actually, so when a new firm comes to talk to us, we have a unique pool of services we can offer to them, giving them support and guidance for just about anything.  We have done this over four decades now and companies such as SONY, General Mills, and many others keep returning to us.

With our know how you won’t get one out of the 10,000+ manufacturers.  You get an experienced partner who can help you plan, save time and save money.