plastic injection molding

We focus on all aspects that deal with plastic injection mold production. At JATCO we try to stay informed with things such as latest science and technology that may affect the production and distribution of plastic products.

Working with Metal Plating for Plastics

There are some applications where nothing works better than a real metal finish, but with compound shapes and curves, metal stamping is both impractical and cost prohibitive. JATCO, Incorporated, has extensive experience with plated product. With plateable grade resins available for some resins such as ABS, we can mold substrate parts to be metal plated in any variety of metals like stainless steel, nickel, etc. There are very specific and rigid requirements for the...

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Importance of Closed Loop Water System in Plastic Injection Molding

The injection molding process may seem simple to the casual observer. Plastic is melted to a liquid and then injected into a steel mold to create a durable part. Some not familiar with our industry may not realize that circulating water is typically applied to the mold to revert the liquid back into solid plastic. At both our California and South Carolina locations, JATCO, Incorporated, utilizes energy efficient closed-loop water systems that benefits production quality,...

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Specifying Cosmetics on Plastic Parts

Did you know there is an easy and effective way to specify cosmetics on plastic parts? JATCO, Incorporated follows standardized specifications to help you define your aesthetic expectations for your new molded parts. We can help you identify primary, secondary, and non-cosmetic surfaces, and define limits for cosmetic issues such as specs and blemishes, if applicable. With our many years of experience and our sensitivity to your high- quality cosmetic needs, we can work...

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What is Mold Classification and Why Is It Important?

Why are some molds more expensive than others for the same part? Maybe it is because of mold classification! Mold classification determines the life span or approximate number of cycles a typical mold can last before replacement or end of life. Each mold is built to a classification standard that best suits the anticipated lifetime production requirement for the part being molded. Mold classifications range from 500 to 1 million approximate cycles/shots. It is not an exact...

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Made In the USA Plastic Manufacturing Pays Off, BIG TIME

Recently many imported plastic manufactured goods have experienced a severe setback as shipping ports on both coasts haven’t been able to keep up with the large influx of cargo ships.  Inventory has been sitting on the oceanic cargo vessels while port crews work day and night dealing with a massive volume to process, at times inspect, and unload.  The notion that manufacturing plastic injection molded items overseas is the “cheapest way” to produce your...

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What is Overmolding?

At our Modesto plastic injection molding facility we get a lot of questions from our customers and wanted to share one that about a plastic injection molding process called Over-Molding. What is Overmolding and How Does it Work? Overmolding (also known as over-molding) is a distinctive injection molding procedure that provides a unified combination of multiple materials into a single part or product. This process allows two or more components to be made / fused together....

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