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How do you survive over 40 years in a highly competitive industry, flooded with cheap foreign plastic producers while winning the trust of companies like Tesla, VELUX and SONY?
The answer is both complex and simple.  The simple version is that we focus on affordable quality first.  Our customers want products of highest quality at a reasonable cost.  They do not want to deal with products that are returned because of “manufacturer defect”, simply because those are future costs and missed opportunities they do not want to deal with down the road, and we completely understand that. Since we started this company in the 70s the key focus was always on designing a production process that would yield well performing products at a very affordable price.  Think about it… During the 90’s many of our U.S. based competitors disappeared due to cheaper overseas competition while we kept on going and growing.  U.S. based companies tried the “frugal” injection molding companies only to deal with costly headaches as product quality was poor.  We kept focusing on developing more efficient production models that kept saving our clients money, while simultaneously delivering durable and reputable products.  This approach certainly paid off for both us, and our customers. Today we are one of the very few ANAB certified custom injection molding firms and we earned that certification by making sure every step of production runs smooth and efficient.  We have over 30 presses, clean rooms, and much more to offer no matter what your needs are.

Everything You Need for  Your Custom Plastic Molding Needs

We offer everything you will need from injection mold production to packaging, storage, and distribution.  We offer it all, and are very competitive!  Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

When You’re Looking for Best Plastic Injection Molding Company, Come to Jatco.