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Plastic Manufacturing Short Shot Issues

In the world of plastic injection molding, a short shot is a common cosmetic defect that can occur when the mold cavity isn’t entirely filled during the molding process. This often results in an unfinished part with visible flaws. At JATCO, Inc., a trusted California-based custom injection molder, we understand the intricacies of short shots, their causes, and how to address them effectively.

Short shots can arise from various factors, including low injection pressure, material flow restrictions, complex flow paths, inadequate venting, material variations, and more.

List of Short Shot Reasons:

  • Low injection pressure.
  • Material Flow restrictions.
  • Long and/or complex flow paths hesitation.
  • Inadequate venting.
  • Material variations.
  • Blocked Gates.
  • Inadequate press settings.
  • Mechanical failures.
  • Low melt and/or mold temperatures.
  • Undersized Press.
  • Low ram speed.

Short Shots Remedies:

  • Remove or eliminate air traps.
  • Increase bot mold and melt temperature.
  • Choose a larger press size.
  • Increase ram speed.
  • Modify part geometry.
  • Choose a different material.
  • Increase injection pressure.

To remedy these occurrences, our skilled team employs a range of solutions such as eliminating air traps, adjusting mold and melt temperatures, selecting appropriate press sizes, modifying part geometry and much more.  Bottom line is that it’s important to fully evaluate the quality of plastic products we manufacture and make absolutely certain that the customer gets the highest grade product!

It’s crucial to note that addressing one issue can sometimes lead to others in the molding process, requiring comprehensive examination and consideration of all mold design specifications. Rest assured, our experts at JATCO, Inc. are committed to resolving short shots before any defective products leave our manufacturing floor.

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