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Why Consider Doing a Metal to Plastic Conversion

Have you heard of metal to plastic conversion in Injection Molding? If not, let’s dive into what it means and how it can bring value to you.

Metal to plastic conversion involves re-engineering parts originally made of metal into plastic molded components. At JATCO, our experienced team specializes in this design area, and we’ve been witnessing a growing interest from both new and existing customers who are exploring this alternative manufacturing method.

One of the key drivers behind metal to plastic conversion is the desire to reduce labor costs associated with metal fabrication, enabling businesses to enhance their competitiveness. Additionally, customers are attracted to this process because it allows them to reduce component weight, consolidate parts, and improve aesthetics. For example, we’re currently collaborating with a harvesting equipment manufacturer to evaluate cab designs and find ways to reduce fabrication costs.

JATCO is Your Metal to Plastic Conversion Specialist

JATCO, Incorporated has been a trusted provider of plastic molding solutions since 1976, constantly learning and expanding its plastic manufacturing services. Over the years, we have engineered and manufactured components for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, solar, medical, automotive, construction, housewares, toys, electronics, irrigation, drainage, municipal services, hazard mitigation, recreation, and many more.

Our expertise lies in finding innovative ways to lower your costs while maintaining stringent quality controls. At JATCO, we are dedicated to helping you unlock the advantages of metal to plastic conversion and achieve cost-effective, high-quality plastic products. Contact our director of sales Steven Ames today to learn more about how our company can help you master the metal to plastics conversion process.