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We offer forty+ years of highest quality plastic molding production, assembly, packaging, storage and distribution to a wide variety of industries. Though that’s not the best part… Do you know the difference between plastic injection molding and value molding? Value molding is a critical operations piece that separates our company from the pool of other “cheap” plastic molding firms. The traditional model of plastic production is one where a client comes to a molding firm, gives them specs of what they need, and has the molding firm crank out a ton of units at a cheap price. This traditional model has serious limitations though that aren’t really considered until its too late. Sometimes we get clients who experienced issues with this approach. Items were already in shipment when a production or design defect was found. Product quality was good but better raw materials could have been used to make it significantly stronger, cheaper, better. Unassembled product was being shipped somewhere else to be assembled and packaged when all of this could have been done under one roof. Product was coming in from overseas and held at customs past its launch date… And so on. In other words, that traditional model can save you some money but it can also give you a ton of problems.

Value Injection Molding Offers So Much More

Sometimes you need something more sophisticated, something that a traditional molding firm doesn’t quite understand how to handle.  Essentially you are looking for a partner who understands your production and marketing goals, and can work with you to reach them. This is one of our unique advantages, and its what we call Value Molding.  We can do much more than just produce something at a great price.  We work with you and can help you with:
  • review overall design and see if there is a better way to produce something
  • review material opportunities
  • review cost effectiveness, dimensional analysis, tracking analysis
  • offer assembly, packaging, storage and distribution thus saving you a ton of time and shipments
  • determine what else we can provide to add value and/or reduce costs
  • be ready to do secondary runs when need be
  • and much more
Bottom line is that our team of production engineers eliminates those “what if” moments and makes sure your plastic injection molding goods are brought to your customers on time and on budget.  Contact us today to learn more.