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1500-ton Injection Molding Machine

JATCO, Incorporated has a wide range and depth of state-of-the-art injection molding machines that have the capabilities to create small, intricate objects that are barely visible, to large products the size of roadside garbage bins, pallets, and agricultural crates.

In our Modesto facility, our largest press is 1500-tons, which is almost as big as a tractor trailer. A machine this size is unique to Northern California, especially custom molders. It is capable of manufacturing parts with dimensions up to 4 ft x 4ft and weighing up to 21lbs.

our 1500 ton injection molding machine, very unique and rare in California

1500 Ton Injection Molding System Offers:

  • Our machine offers a huge mold capacity and open mold stoke
  • Modularized design for moving cylinder
  • Very high quality plastic parts manufacturing