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plastic injection molding machine

What is an injection molding machine and how does it work?

This is a question we hear a bit and wanted to give everyone a quick explanation of what exactly an injection molding machine is and how its capable of turning little plastic pellets into a sturdy finished product. First let’s quickly go over what injection molding process actually is. “Injection molding” is a manufacturing process where a material substance such as metal, plastic, glass, or others are heated and then fed into a mold cavity where the substrate cools and hardens in the shape of mold.  It’s a little more complicated than that but that is the general version of it.

The injection molding machine is a piece of equipment (also referred to as the injection press) that creates the actual plastic product. General design of of the injection press consists of a hopper, a plunger and a heating barrel. An injection press exerts massive pressure and secures the mold where the heated plastic substrate is moved and “pressured” into the mold cavity shape, forced to take that shape under heavy pressure, and then allowed to cool / solidify to that new shape, and finally ejected from the mold in its desired shape.

Plastic Injection Molding Benefits

The injection molding process offers many benefits. It is a very quick and efficient manufacturing process that creates large amount of highly precise products at a very low manufacturing cost. In addition the process can be repeated at future dates should additional products be desired.