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Working with Metal Plating for Plastics

There are some applications where nothing works better than a real metal finish, but with compound shapes and curves, metal stamping is both impractical and cost prohibitive.

JATCO, Incorporated, has extensive experience with plated product. With plateable grade resins available for some resins such as ABS, we can mold substrate parts to be metal plated in any variety of metals like stainless steel, nickel, etc.

There are very specific and rigid requirements for the handling and packaging of molded parts prior to plating and with our experience, we can better assure quality results.  Metal plated parts can be brushed and finished after plating, or the mold can be textured with a simulated brushed finished that could save thousands in ongoing labor.

Working with Metal and Plastics Together…

Ask us about what options may work best for your application!

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