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Importance of Closed Loop Water System in Plastic Injection Molding

The injection molding process may seem simple to the casual observer.

Plastic is melted to a liquid and then injected into a steel mold to create a durable part. Some not familiar with our industry may not realize that circulating water is typically applied to the mold to revert the liquid back into solid plastic.

At both our California and South Carolina locations, JATCO, Incorporated, utilizes energy efficient closed-loop water systems that benefits production quality, the environment and our customer’s assets.

The water we use to chill our molds is circulated through a closed-loop system where it is chemically balanced and filtered to optimize molding processes and ensure consistent part quality.

The closed-loop water systems help to reduce our corporate carbon footprint by minimizing water consumption and waste while maximizing cooling efficiency. Maintaining superior quality water also helps to maximize your tooling/mold life.

Would you like to know more about the ways in which JATCO, Incorporated, strives to be a responsible industry leader?

Closed Loop Water System at Jatco