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Made In the USA Plastic Manufacturing Pays Off, BIG TIME

Recently many imported plastic manufactured goods have experienced a severe setback as shipping ports on both coasts haven’t been able to keep up with the large influx of cargo ships.  Inventory has been sitting on the oceanic cargo vessels while port crews work day and night dealing with a massive volume to process, at times inspect, and unload.  The notion that manufacturing plastic injection molded items overseas is the “cheapest way” to produce your inventory is turning out to be false, especially during this pandemic economy.  There are several key things any business should consider when looking for a plastic manufacturing partner.

Is Cheaper Overseas Plastics Manufacturing Worth it?

Recently this notion has been heavily scrutinized as companies whose inventory is coming in from overseas are losing time (months in certain cases) waiting for the cargo ships to be approved for port entry, and then waiting even more for the ships to be unloaded, containers to be inspected, and finally sent on their way.  Ports aren’t the only bottlenecks, as trucking companies are also struggling with port entry and exit.  The few dollars that companies end up saving from overseas production are completely lost by having late or no inventory.

Overseas Plastic Manufacturing Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap Manufacturing

We have seen in the domestic plastic injection molding industry a handful of injection molding companies who have adopted our concept of “Value Engineering” and can produce plastic products at the same price, and faster than overseas plastic manufacturers.  Value engineering is all about having a team of experienced manufacturing engineers who can look at your product and offer advice on how your product can be altered in order to yield comparable results, but at a lower cost and faster production time.  Why wouldn’t you want to go this route?

No Ships, No Ports, No Waiting!

While the ports continue to process thousands of containers day and night, you can have a loaded truck en route in no time.  U.S. based plastic manufacturers are not held back by port entry and exit requirements.  After your goods are manufactured, they are loaded onto a truck and on their way ensuring that your inventory can arrive before your competitors’ inventory does!

Plastic Manufacturing Externalities

Two key aspects of manufacturing stateside that we can’t overlook are that your products are made in the USA and adhere to much more environmentally strict standards.  Today’s consumers demand products that are made in less polluting processes.  Plus consumers have a higher loyalty to companies that offer the “Made in USA” stamp.

The next time you are selecting a plastic injection molding manufacturing plant be sure to put some thought into the above points before making your decision.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that we can help you save time, save money, and get your inventory to retailers way before your competitors do.  We offer a state of the art Modesto California based injection molding plant as well as an east coast plastic injection molding plant in South Carolina.  Call us today to learn more at 209.497.4297.