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Specifying Cosmetics on Plastic Parts

Did you know there is an easy and effective way to specify cosmetics on plastic parts?

JATCO, Incorporated follows standardized specifications to help you define your aesthetic expectations for your new molded parts. We can help you identify primary, secondary, and non-cosmetic surfaces, and define limits for cosmetic issues such as specs and blemishes, if applicable.

With our many years of experience and our sensitivity to your high- quality cosmetic needs, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive and standardized quality plan with drawings and charts to take the mystery and stress out of cosmetic specifications.

Quality injection molding requires both science and art. There is a real art to anticipating cosmetic issues during the design phase. With our Design For Manufacturing review, we take the science of tools such as mold flow analysis and add the art of our experience to anticipate and correct potential cosmetic issues before your mold is even constructed.
Let us help take the mystery and stress out of worrying about warpage, flow lines, unnecessary sink marks, etc. Nobody wants to find out about these issues after a mold is built.
We can help. It’s what we do!

Would you like to know more about us and the plastic production services we offer? Please contact us here and let us know how our team of plastic production engineers and experts can be of help!