Returning to the U.S.


Over the past decade JATCO has had an incredible amount of success gaining customers whose manufacturing operations were based overseas. While production and manufacturing was...

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10,000+ Manufacturers

We are just like the other 10,000+ plastic manufacturers except we are liked, A LOT.

We can’t deny that with about 10,000+ plastic injection molding firms around, we are quite similar to the others.  Yet companies keep coming back to us,  and staying...


North America’s FIRST…

1500 Ton Press Machine

Jatco is proud to announce the installation of its first 1500 Ton press in North America! This will be the 33rd machine Jatco has installed at it’s headquarter plant. Jatco has a...

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Your Plastic Injection Molding Partner Servicing the United States

JATCO, over forty years of solid and successful custom injection molding experience with an amazing range of solutions for any plastic project. We are a bi-coastal injection molding Bay Area company with a secondary presence in South Carolina.  Our large west coast and east coast facilities are ready to engineer, mold, warehouse and distribute your next product.

Jatco One-Stop Shop

Jatco One-Stop Shop

How do you survive over 40 years in a highly competitive industry, flooded with cheap foreign plastic producers while winning the trust of companies like Tesla, VELUX and SONY?

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Global Distribution

Global Distribution

With direct rail line service and proximity to Interstate 80 and the Port of Oakland, we can expedite your product via UPS, Fed Ex, truckload, LTL, air freight and ocean container to any location worldwide, when you need it.

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About Our Company

About Our Company

JATCO Incorporated is a plastic injection molding expert whose focus is to offer high quality products -AND- value added services and solutions to help you handle packaging, warehousing, distributions and much more.

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We mass produce plastic products, can help you package them, warehouse and deliver when you are ready!

Let’s face it, you are looking for an injection molding company that will offer you highest quality, fast turn around, possibly packaging, warehousing, and distribution, all at an affordable cost.  We are that firm.  We bring over 40+ years of production experience to the table, offer the rare ANAB certification, and have been a trusted production partner by firms such as SONY, Tesla, Life Technologies, VELUX and many more.

Give us a couple of minutes of your time and see how we can help you out.  Call 510-487-0888 or click here to contact us.

Over 40 Years of Plastic Molding Experience Gives You…

Full Services
– Comprehensive offerings include product design, engineering, tooling, molding, die casting, metal stamping, assembly, painting, packaging, warehousing, distribution and more.
Expertise and Vision – Old world craftsmanship is combined with cutting-edge technology and a passion to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges.  We’ve done it all, so if you’re bouncing around from one company to another due to a very complex project, lets talk.
Educated Service Team– Every employee of Jatco has up to the minute project information and a drive to help you succeed. Our team members aren’t only trained in doing one part well, they are trained in understanding the main-goal of each clients projects. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on two continents.
Efficient Market Deployment – Our experience, modern facilities, cutting-edge technology and superior transportation add up to faster product delivery.  We are right next to one of the largest global seaports and a train yard ready to distribute your products just about anywhere.

Some of our California based Injection Molding previous clients